SIDS Resources
has changed its name to
Infant Loss Resources.

Our Mission

"The mission of Infant Loss Resources, Inc. is to promote safe practices which reduce the risk of infant death and to provide grief support for families who have lost babies."

Whether you are suffering from a SIDS/SUID-related loss or are seeking more information for communities or professionals, we can help.

Infant Loss Resources is a private, not-for-profit network that connects people to programs, services and information relating to SUID (which includes SIDS and other sleep related losses) in Missouri and surrounding counties in Illinois and Kansas.

Our dedicated, professional and caring staff provide a variety of individual, group and educational services and programs to Missouri-area residents and health-care practitioners including:

We're here to help you in any way we can and often refer clients to other local agencies for services Infant Loss Resources cannot provide ourselves.

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