What is SIDS/SUID?

The definition of SIDS is the sudden, unexpected death of an apparently healthy infant, under one year of age. The death remains unexplained after a complete medical history review, autopsy and death scene investigation, all 3 of which are required by law.

While the exact cause of SIDS is unknown, researchers have been able to identify factors that are associated with infants and infant care practices that increase the risk for SIDS. As a result, risk reduction recommendations have been established. Parents and other caregivers should remember that if practiced, these risk reduction techniques will significantly reduce the risk of SIDS.

What is SUID?
Sudden Unexpected Infant Death is an umbrella term used for many sleep related infant deaths for which an exact cause may not be immediately clear or may remain undetermined.  SIDS falls under the umbrella of SUID.  Other deaths which are under the umbrella of SUID are accidental suffocation or asphyxia.  When we look at risk reduction for SIDS/SUID, the steps recommended to reduce the risk are the same.

These steps are listed at What Can I do to Reduce my Baby’s Risk of SIDS/SUID?

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