SUID and Childcare

Child Care Provider Policies
If you are taking your baby to child care, please ask if they have a policy on safe sleep. All child care providers should place babies to sleep on their backs at all times!

If this is not a policy, you need to ask that they give you something in writing stating that they will comply with your request to place your baby on his/her back for sleep. If they do not want to do this, find a different child care provider.

SUID Risk-Reduction Recommended Practices
The following guidelines should be used to determine if your child care provider practices SUID risk reduction and safe sleep practices:

  • They always place your baby on his/her back for sleep.
  • The only place your baby sleeps is in a safety approved crib with a firm, tight fitting mattress. 
  • Only one baby/child is allowed per crib.
  • The crib is situated in a safe location (not near windows, cords, blinds, outlets etc…).
  • There are no blankets, pillows, quilts, bumper pads, positioners/wedges, stuffed animals or other loose, soft or fluffy materials/objects in the crib.
  • The room where your baby sleeps is a comfortable temperature (to avoid overheating).
  • There is NO SMOKING allowed in the house/center or anywhere around your baby. 
  • Your baby is checked on frequently while asleep.

Share this list with potential providers and tell them these are YOUR requirements for your baby! 

If you are concerned that your provider is not familiar with safe sleep  techniques or would like us to contact him/her or the center where they work to offer a free program on safe sleep, please call us and pass along their contact information.

Educational Programs for Childcare Providers and Centers
Infant Loss Resources offers free educational programs on safe sleep for child care providers and centers.  These educational programs have been approved for CLOCK HOURS by the State of Missouri.

We also have educational materials for providers and parents including a sample safe-sleep policy for your center which are available free of charge for distribution at your center.

To schedule a presentation or to order materials, please contact:

  • Vikki Collier, 314-241-7437
  • Cheryl Herzog Arneill, 800-421-3511
  • Sara Tamburrino, 573-364-5900
  • 800-421-3511 and leave a message

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