The St. Louis Urban Outreach Council


The St. Louis Urban Outreach Program targets parents, grandparents, and families in the African American communities. Our Urban Outreach Coordinator, with the assistance of the Urban Outreach Council, strives to address racial and ethnic disparities which exist in SIDS and infant mortality rates. African American infants are 2-3 more likely to die in the first year of life than Caucasian infants. We provide vital risk reduction education to the African American community, in an effort to decrease the rates of SIDS and other infant deaths.


  • Provide vital risk reduction education to African American communities about SIDS
  • Promote African American involvement in the dissemination of risk reduction educational material.
  • Reduce racial disparity in SIDS and infant death outcomes.
  • Assist bereaved families in a culturally competent manner.

Urban Outreach Council
The Urban Outreach Council is a group of volunteers committed to reducing the rate of SIDS and infant mortality within the African American community. The council expands SIDS Resources’ ability to address both bereavement and education needs of the urban community and helps garner a broader acceptance of SIDS as a priority issue. The council is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds who represent churches, health organizations, social service agencies, the media, coalitions, government organizations, foundations and community members. The Council works in partnership with SIDS families, the Department of Health, the Maternal, Child and Family Health Coalition, other professionals and corporate representatives throughout St. Louis to raise awareness and help disseminate information about SIDS and infant mortality.

For more information, or to volunteer for this program, please call or email Lori Behrens, 314-241-7437 (SIDS) or