Family Support

Professionals trained in grief support are available to work with families, friends, coworkers, child care providers and others to offer support after the loss of a baby to SUID or other sleep related or sudden infant death.  The staff of Infant Loss Resources offer current medical information about SUID and help to clarify the diagnostic confusion as much as possible.

Services include:

  • Individual/Family Grief Counseling
  • Peer Connections (for parents, grandparents and child care providers)
  • Ongoing telephone and/or email support
  • Home Visits
  • Lending library
  • Support Groups
  • Support and information for extended family, friends, co–workers

Our family support staff work with the health care provider network and volunteers to coordinate the best possible support following the death of a baby. Typically about 80-90 new families receive services each year. All services are provided free of charge.

For more information, contact Vikki Collier at

Or contact the Family Support staff in your area:

St. Louis area– Dawn Casey,

Kansas City area– Leonae DeLa Torre ,

South/Southwest Missouri – Sara Tamburrino,

North Central Missouri – Lori Behrens,