What is the basis for the Risk Reduction Recommendations?

A Brief Overview of Current Research Theories and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

  1. The cause(s) of SIDS/SUID is/are not known at this time. 
    Doctors are currently conducting medical research based on a wide number of theories. It is important to note that there may not be one single thing that leads to SIDS/SUID.
  2. Different factors may interact with one another to result in a SIDS/SUID.
  3. Current research points toward a malfunction in the brain, including the brainstem and the cerebellum.
  4. A SIDS/SUID death could occur due to a baby’s inability to :
    1. Respond to a lack of oxygen in the environment.
    2. Respond to excessive carbon-dioxide levels in their system due to carbon dioxide rebreathing.
    3. Control heart rate.
    4. Control blood pressure.
    5. Regulate body temperature.
    6. Keep airways open.